President and CEO KLM Strategies

Kris Murray is President and CEO of KLM Strategies, a woman-owned professional consulting firm with more than 25 years of consulting experience in Southern California’s public and private sectors.  Click here for professional background. 

KLM Strategies has a strategic partnership with Madaffer Enterprises and present and former teaming agreements with Circlepoint, Kleinfelder, and Todd Priest & Associates to maximize resources for our clients:


Kris Murray, President and CEO, is former Mayor Pro Tem and Councilwoman for the City of Anaheim (2010-2008) and currently serves as an appointee of Governor Jerry Brown to the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board for the State of California. Murray is also a current and former appointed member of the following boards and commissions.


Murray is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for her leadership on behalf of communities in Southern California, some of these include:

Association of California Cities Orange County (ACCOC) | Innovator of the Year
Orange County Register | Top 100 Most Influential
Orange County Taxpayers | Rose Award for Service to Taxpayers
Grandma’s House of Hope | Spirit of Hope Award